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We really do love to get your feedback whether it be your thoughts, opinions, corrections or questions. We are always very keen to include your correspondence in the show in the hope that it makes the show more enjoyable for all.

You can contact us either by:

Email: which will be received by the whole team, or individually you can send to or


On 08432 892 556

The Website Widget:

This is a preferable option to send an audio comment, mainly because it is free to use as opposed to the phone, but also the quality of the audio in generally better for use on air. If you look down the left side of your screen now you should see a blue label marked "Send Voicemail". Clicking on that widget should open up a recording device in the middle of your screen. (You may need to "allow" it to operate, just follow the instructions if you need to) You will get the chance to listen to your recording before sending so you can correct any mistakes.

We look forward to hearing from you!